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Facts About The Nigerian Flag

When Nigeria gained independence in 1960 a new green-white-green tricolour flag was adopted. Designed by Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi, the green stripes represent the wealth in the country and the white band represents peace. The Coat of Arms of Nigeria was adopted in 1960 and features a black shield with a white Y shape.

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Talent Management

Once your company has hired the best employees, the next step.

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Global Citizenship

Workplace conflict can become a costly and time-consuming process .

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Community Engagement

Mitigate workplace issues before they escalate ,Shared Time Human.

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Outdoor Adventures

Scouts engage in a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and backpacking, fostering a love for nature and promoting physical fitness.

Community Service

Scouting instills important values such as honesty, integrity, and respect, helping youth develop strong character and become responsible citizens.

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Scouting offers invaluable opportunities for youth to develop essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving through engaging outdoor activities and hands-on learning experiences

By participating in scouting, young people gain practical skills that prepare them for success in both their personal and professional lives.

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Leadership Development

Through hands-on experiences and teamwork, scouts learn valuable leadership skills that prepare them to take on responsibilities and lead effectively in various situations.

Character Building

Scouting instills important values such as honesty, integrity, and respect, helping youth develop strong character and become responsible citizens.

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Meet our dedicated Scout Leaders, passionate mentors guiding young people on their scouting journey with expertise and care.

TSAN Chief Commissioner
Hon Dave Padopas-Awunah
National Executive Commissionar
Engr Babatunde Oyetayo
TSAN Chief Commissioner
Hon Dave Padopas-Awunah
Answers to Scout Questions
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provides answers to common questions about scouting, addressing inquiries related to membership, activities, and organizational policies.

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What are the benefits of scouting for youth?

Scouting offers numerous benefits for youth, including personal growth, leadership development, outdoor adventure, social connections, community service opportunities, and preparation for future success in academics, career, and life.

What activities do Scouts participate in?

Scouts engage in a wide range of activities, including camping, hiking, community service projects, leadership training, outdoor skills development, merit badge programs, and more.

What is the Scout uniform and where can I obtain one?

The Scout uniform varies depending on the branch of scouting and rank. Uniforms are typically available for purchase through authorized Scout shops, online retailers, or directly from the national scouting organization.

Is there a cost associated with joining the Scouts?

There may be nominal membership fees and expenses associated with participating in scouting activities, which can vary depending on the troop and region. Financial assistance or scholarships may be available for families in need.

How do I join the Scouts?

To join the Scouts, you can contact your local Scout group or visit our website to find a troop near you. Once you've located a troop, simply reach out to the Scoutmaster or leadership team to inquire about membership.

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"I love scouting because scouting thought me a lot of things in my physical growth and development Firstly in secondary school I have a lot of friends that we do play together and 80% of them that we do play together join cultism but the scout then took my time because I also have an excuse that I belong to one group to Secondly in terms of education God use scouting to help me know how to write a letter, report, and how to lead that when I now see a task outside scouting it doesn't frick me again because have done something more than that in scouting Lastly in terms of finance When I just gain admission and my school fee is not complete the State scout commissioner of the Lagos state scout council gave me the remaining balance I need to complete my school fee and lot more"
"Scouting has been an incredible journey for me. It's more than just learning survival skills or tying knots; it's about building lifelong friendships, developing leadership qualities, and gaining a deeper respect for nature. Through scouting, I've grown into a confident and responsible individual ready to tackle any challenge. Joining this association was one of the best decisions I've ever made."
"As a scout, I've had the chance to explore the great outdoors, challenge myself, and grow in ways I never thought possible. Scouting has taught me resilience, determination, and the importance of serving others. It's more than just a program - it's a way of life.."

Olayemi Ayotomiwa


Scouter Hamzat Tesleem O


Andrew Sunday