The Impact of Egbe-Idimu Scout District on Community

A significant milestone as the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Egbe-Idimu local branch, under the leadership of Hon. Com. Shittu Moshood Abayomi, had the privilege of meeting with the esteemed Executive Chairman of Egbe-Idimu LCDA, Hon. Kunle Sanyaolu Olowoopejo.

The purpose of the visit was clear: to engage in strategic discussions on crucial issues concerning the youth of Egbe-Idimu. In a productive dialogue, both parties deliberated on various matters of importance, leading to concrete agreements and commitments.

Firstly, it was agreed upon to ensure the inclusion and official representation of NYCN Egbe-Idimu in the various programs and initiatives of the LCDA, fostering collaboration and synergy between the youth council and local government.

Furthermore, plans were set in motion for the construction of a conducive and well-furnished secretariat office, aptly named the "Youth House," to serve as a hub for NYCN Egbe-Idimu activities. The construction is slated to commence next month, symbolizing a tangible investment in the future of Egbe-Idimu's youth.

Lastly, in recognition of his unwavering support and commitment to youth development, the Chairman graciously accepted the ceremonial title of Grand Patron of NYCN Egbe-Idimu local branch, affirming his dedication to championing the cause of youth empowerment.

In conclusion, Hon. Com. Shittu Moshood Abayomi, Coordinator of NYCN Egbe-Idimu, expressed gratitude for the Chairman's pledges of support, both physically, morally, and financially. This marks just the beginning of a promising partnership between the youth council and the local government, with exciting opportunities on the horizon for the youth of Egbe-Idimu.

Benefits & Impact

The Egbe-Idimu Scout Program offers invaluable benefits to youth, fostering leadership skills, promoting community engagement, and nurturing personal growth. Through scouting, participants develop resilience, teamwork, and a strong sense of responsibility, preparing them to become confident and capable leaders of tomorrow.

Project Information


Empowering Youth Through Scouting


Executive Chairman of Egbe-Idimu Office


January 3, 2024

Executive Chairman of Egbe-Idimu:

Hon Kunle Sonyaolu Olowoopejo