Promoting sustainability,
Preserving our Natural Environment

As stewards of the Earth, scouts play a crucial role in protecting and preserving our natural environment for future generations.

Our Environmental Stewardship Service empowers scouts to take action on environmental issues, promote sustainability, and cultivate a deeper connection with nature.


Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Participate in eco-friendly initiatives and projects that promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact.


Environmental Education Resources

Access educational resources, articles, and videos that cover a range of environmental topics, including conservation, biodiversity, climate change, and sustainable living practices.


Conservation Projects

Engage in hands-on conservation projects aimed at protecting and restoring natural habitats, wildlife populations, and ecosystems.


We offer different frameworks for ensuring the habits for environmental development.

Resource Library

Access a comprehensive library of educational materials, guides, and toolkits on environmental topics and conservation practices.

Impact Tracker

Track the environmental impact of your conservation efforts, including metrics such as trees planted, waste diverted, and habitats restored.

Events Calendar

Stay informed about upcoming environmental events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities in your area.

Service Benefits

Environmental Awareness

Increase awareness and understanding of environmental issues, empowering scouts to become informed advocates for the planet.

Conservation Impact

Make a tangible difference in the health and vitality of our natural world through participation in conservation projects and initiatives.

Outdoor Skills Development

Develop valuable outdoor skills and knowledge through hands-on experiences in nature, fostering a lifelong connection with the environment.